This is a selected bunch of ideas, itineraries and things do to when visiting Egadi Islands, Sicily.

In Sicily there are more islands than the Aeolian. Located off the coast of Trapani and Marsala is the small archipelago of the Egadi made up of Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzo and another series of uninhabited islets (Formica, Maraone, Stagnone and Galeotta). From an administrative point of view, the entire archipelago is part of the municipality of Favignana which has about 4000 inhabitants. Only a few thousand residents, however, have the absolute privilege of living in an environment with few to equal it around the world. Here the sea, an abundance of nature and a typically Mediterranean way of life compared to other locations in southern Italy, is more than a simple and overused tourist cliché. It is no coincidence that one of the Egadi Marine Protected Areas is the largest in Europe. It is also no coincidence that the former Florio Factory in Favignana is the largest Marine Museum in Italy. The museum is a symbol of the islanders socio-economic salvation prior to tourism when the tuna canning industry was key to overcoming poor living conditions made even more difficult by the isolation factor.

And there’s more to see: the wall decorations of the Genovese Cave in Levanzo, the paths of Marettimo, diving, beautiful beaches, coves and Sicilian cuisine plus a multitude of opportunities for relaxation and recreation that an archipelago like this can offer. Follow our “tips” for a dream vacation to the Egadi islands. Enjoy!

Explore Favignana sea bed

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