The first civil ceremony marriage at the former Florio factory on Favignana was celebrated 22nd of June.

13559222_1063610600413501_4681426532575914290_o(1)13502834_1063610647080163_802958275383393544_o 13580626_1063610743746820_5543955899657083738_o 13498062_1063610700413491_530383444139418239_o13580621_1063610550413506_3190023023231366427_oThe bride-to-be, based at Casa Faro with family members, emerged resplendent from the villa to be met by her father in a chauffeur driven car which carried them to the centre of town much to the delight of a few children who were eager to get a glimpse of “the princess”. The bride did not want to be seen by the guests before she reached the altar. She looked serene and beautiful and her appearance belied how nervous she felt. “Months of preparation for something that was now happening in moments. . .” she confidentially shared with her father during the ride.

13495385_1063610793746815_6552168694946752619_o 13576624_1063610803746814_399586848676741779_o13522774_1063610813746813_2183220069630276036_oOn arriving at the Florio factory, her father Mark expertly accompanied her to the altar. They were greeted by musicians playing violins, the excited groom, their guests, and the mayor.

13558921_1063610720413489_7177659576200784859_o13568988_1063610577080170_1800928016005442582_o13558750_1063610687080159_1793525663308174092_oJames, a renowned architect who was born in London and resident in Italy and Karly who is a native of Washington DC, chef-owner of a popular Florentine catering and private dinners company, were united in marriage.

13559001_1063610900413471_4291659530942693780_o13575908_1063610913746803_6910281685718001435_o 13502960_1063610860413475_5947625446387268125_o IMG_1937 13517450_1063610993746795_5795308689101541482_oThe location for the ceremony was impressive. The tuna factory or tonnara is reminiscent of Favignana’s ancient history, culture, and work ethic. The decoration for this special event was by choice minimalist, however it included a notable Sicilian flavour. Bunches of wild flowers and straw bales for benches complimented the magnificent ancient tonnara boats. Mayor Giuseppe Pagoto was the celebrant and performed admirably if a little shyly. It was a privilege to conduct this unique event in the tonnara, a marvellous example of industrial architecture and now a museum.



The guests arrived from many parts of the globe including Florence, where the couple will live, the United States, England and Russia.



The warm greetings and exchanges for the brides and groom from the people of Favigana denoted a familiarity with the island and its people. They chose Favignana following a vacation there when they fell under its spell. When asked ‘why Favignana’, Karly’s answered surprised me: “I have Sicilian origins, but don’t know exactly from where. When I first visited Favignana, I felt such a strong connection with this island that I decided I originally came from here.” Thus her choice to get married on this island was a natural step in the direction of a reunion between one of life’s most important events and her family of origin. In appreciation the couple donated, among other things, some children’s games to the town.

IMG_1935 IMG_0419 FullSizeRender

Word spread of the special wedding taking place at the former Florio factory. This was unheard of in the history of Favignana and the curious rushed to witness the event. Despite being “foreigners” the bride and groom and their respective guests were accepted as family!

13528610_1063611077080120_6436765904117390630_o 13558671_1063611183746776_5977049892576836142_o 13558813_1063611160413445_3786577047777932668_oThe weather was a little cloudy and a few drops of rain fell but no one was worried. They were thrilled and happy to be present with James and Karly. The seaside dinner was accompanied by a spectacular orange sunset. “You couldn’t dream of such natural beauty , let alone pay for it” Karly’s father Mark enthused. A grand success overall.


To be married at the former Florio factory you must submit a formal request to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in Trapani and Favignana. Thanks to the notable efforts of the wedding planner team, Making Partners Srl, James and Karly celebrated a very special day. Following their example, it is now possible to celebrate rites of this type on Favignana. Getting married on the island gave the guests an opportunity to experience a unique and fascinating location for the first time, and combine it with a wonderful and relaxing holiday.



Special thanks to Alessandro Ghedina for his photo service:

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