Just recently I happened to see this video and thought it definitely is worth sharing. I reckon it’s hilarious, brilliant, and informative. Just wonder why he ended it with such a negative, dramatic forecast. And rather, how about a simple, positive, “hope against hope” view, to stay in tune with the sunny, amusing overall spirit of it?

For those of you who want to know exactly what was said, here is the full transcript:

One hundred eighty millions years ago Tethys Ocean splits Pangaea

mountain ranges rise up among coral reeves

it’s hot

flora, fauna and dwarf elephants

the volcano Etna grows up by underwater eruptions

then five thousands years ago in Stentinello the first neolithic civilization

Sicanians get overpowered by Sicels

Pantalica is a necropolis for all the dead

phoenician sailors

sea urchins and swordfishes

here come the Greeks

Naxos and Syracuse

theaters carved in rocks or built on a hill like in Taormina

Polyphemus and mermaids

Archimedes and his burning mirrors

Scilla and Cariddi

first Punic War with Rome

Republic and Empire

corn and gladiators, then Vandals and Ostrogoths

Byzantines, Arabians and Muslims

tuna nets, orange and lemon trees

scimitars and sheiks

watering and architecture

ceramics and cassata cakes

Roger II and the Normans

heritage to Suebi

Frederick II and Poetry School

Ciullo d’Alcamo, the first parliament

Aragonese and Angevins

The Vespers when the French drove us mad

then peace of Caltabellotta

House of Hapsburg and Charles V

Bourbon dynasty

Garibaldi who got injuried

Piedmontese army Carabiniers

the Serval, puppetteers

unification of Italy

the Messina Earthquake

bandits and mafia

coppola and lupara

Giovanni Verga and Luigi Pirandello

emigration and First World War


allied landings, Lucky Luciano

the bandit Giuliano and laced coffee (Sicilian style)

Placido Rizzotto and Peppino Impastato

Tano Badalamenti and Marlon Brando as the godfather

Andreotti and the mafia

the disappearance of Mauro De Mauro

the strange case Mattei and a certain Sindona

lots of Christian Democracy and then Socialist Party

Pizza Connection

Falcone and the Maxi Trial

the Corleonesi and Totò Schillaci at World Cup

Buscetta and Dalla Chiesa

the mafia massacres of Capaci and via d’Amelio

money of Ciancimino, Totò Cuffaro and Raffaele Lombardo

the Strait Bridge and Franza ferryboats

and then, many things still have to happen

but in the end the island will be eaten by the sea.


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