Favignana and its famous crystal blue bays

The Island of Favignana is famous for its coasts which can be enjoyed by boat but also by foot. Peppered with creeks, caves, coves and beaches both sandy and pebbly, the island has a little something for everyone. Speaking of sandy beaches, the two biggest ones are Cala Azzurra and Lido Burrone. One of the major attractions of the Island is Cala Rossa, best known for the extraordinary colour of its surrounding sea. You cannot miss the opportunity to take a quick dip here and explore the nearby caves. Other beaches not to miss on your trip here are Cala Graziosa, Preveto-Pirreca and Calamoni.

Cala Rossa

A haven for scuba divers

Favignana is also famous with scubadivers, both experienced and beginners. Probably one of the best places to swim among the variety of fish and discover the blue seas from within is at a tiny little inlet called Galeotta. Don’t miss the opportunity to swim among octopuses, moray eels and sea bream.

For the most experienced of divers, head on down to “La secca del Toro” for what is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful caves. Be careful of sea drifts, rocks and do consider to go with a guide to avoid some of the many hazards on your way into this 40 meter cave.

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